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Case Study: Ontraport

Featured: Adweek, Forbes.

Role: ​​​​​Concept / Creative Direction / Strategy / GTM: Branding & Identity, Positioning. Marketing Site (UI/UX, Video), Site Navigation (UI/UX) and Site Support Center (UI/UX, Video). Digital Marketing Design & Video. Demand Generation positioning for Adweek, Google, Linkedin, Facebook and Instagram.

Team: Content, Design, Video, Product, Sales.

Launch Site
Simple + modern aesthetic, characterized by a custom font — aptly named “Automate,” a snazzy new icon using the word “on,” and a new tagline, which lets the world know what Ontraport does in one bold statement: “Turn your business on.”

Re-introducing an all new Ontraport: equal parts powerful and intuitive. Positioned as a full CRM with complete marketing automation and the best website creator in the industry, Ontraport is primed to be the go-to platform for businesses looking to streamline and scale.

Credits: Maggie Davis, Loren Cook, Angela Fornelli, Nicole Bergmann, Vincent Beck, Dylan James, Filippa DeVega, Lindsay Kent and Chantal Peterson.

Special thanks: Lena Requist, Landon Ray and Jared Bresee.

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